Colon Cancer: Nutritionists Clarify Protective Resultant Of Nuts

"For a long fourth dimension right away nosotros convey known that nuts are total of substances that are skillful for the middle in addition to the cardiovascular system, or that protect against becoming overweight or developing diabetes," says Dr Wiebke Schlörmann. Some studies convey besides indicated a protective termination against colon cancer, she adds. "What nosotros convey non known inward special upward to right away is what this protective termination of nuts is based on." Dr Schlörmann in addition to her colleagues from the Department of Nutritional Toxicology at the University of Jena are right away inward a position to laissez passer specific answers to that question. In a publication inward the specialist mag Molecular Carcinogenesis, they acquaint results from a recent study, which throw lite on the molecular mechanisms of this protective termination (DOI: 10.1002/mc.22606).

According to this study, nuts convey a positive termination on wellness because, alongside other things, they are involved inward activating the body's ain defences for detoxifying reactive oxygen species. Such substances, which are created past times ultraviolet radiation, diverse chemicals or distinct nutrient metabolites, for example, tin go effort deoxyribonucleic acid harm that leads to cancer development. "The torso has a whole serial of protective mechanisms that homecoming reactive oxygen species harmless," explains Dr Schlörmann. The nutritionists inward Jena convey right away shown that these mechanisms are stimulated past times nuts in addition to the substances they contain.

The researchers investigated the termination of v dissimilar types of nuts: macadamia nuts, hazelnuts in addition to walnuts, every bit good every bit almonds in addition to pistachios. The nuts were artificially 'digested' inward examine tubes in addition to the effects of the resulting digestion products on jail cellular telephone lines were so analysed. The researchers established that the activeness of the protective enzymes catalase in addition to superoxide dismutase increases inward the cells that are treated. In addition, the digestion products attain what is called programmed jail cellular telephone expiry inward the cancer cells therefore treated.

"We were able to exhibit this termination is mediated past times all the types of nuts studied," noted Prof. Michael Glei, who led the study. In the side past times side stage, he in addition to his squad desire to notice out whether this protective termination is reduced past times roasting the nuts. As almost of the nuts investigated are predominantly consumed inward roasted form, this farther inquiry powerfulness enable scientists to laissez passer appropriate nutritional advice based on the results.

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