Gluten-Free Diet May Growth Adventure Of Arsenic, Mercury Exposure

People who consume a gluten-free diet may live on at adventure for increased exposure to arsenic together with mercury - toxic metals that tin Pb to cardiovascular disease, cancer together with neurological effects, according to a study inwards the mag Epidemiology.

Gluten-free diets accept larn pop inwards the U.S., although less than 1 per centum of Americans accept been diagnosed amongst celiac affliction - an out-of-control immune answer to gluten, a poly peptide establish inwards wheat, rye together with barley.

A gluten-free diet is recommended for people amongst celiac disease, only others oft state they prefer eating gluten-free because it reduces inflammation - a claim that has non been scientifically proven. In 2015, one-quarter of Americans reported eating gluten-free, a 67 per centum increment from 2013.

Gluten-free products oft incorporate rice flour every bit a substitute for wheat. Rice is known to bioaccumulate certainly toxic metals, including arsenic together with mercury from fertilizers, soil, or water, only footling is known well-nigh the wellness effects of diets high inwards rice content.

Maria Argos, assistant professor of epidemiology inwards the UIC School of Public Health, together with her colleagues looked at information from the National Health together with Nutrition Examination Survey searching for a link betwixt gluten-free diet together with biomarkers of toxic metals inwards blood together with urine.

They establish 73 participants who reported eating a gluten-free diet amidst the 7,471 who completed the survey, betwixt 2009 together with 2014. Participants ranged inwards historic menstruum from half dozen to lxxx years old.

People who reported eating gluten-free had higher concentrations of arsenic inwards their urine, together with mercury inwards their blood, than those who did not. The arsenic levels were almost twice every bit high for people eating a gluten-free diet, together with mercury levels were lxx per centum higher.

"These results betoken that at that spot could live on unintended consequences of eating a gluten-free diet," Argos said. "But until nosotros perform the studies to decide if at that spot are corresponding wellness consequences that could live on related to higher levels of exposure to arsenic together with mercury past times eating gluten-free, to a greater extent than interrogation is needed earlier nosotros tin decide whether this diet poses a pregnant wellness risk."

"In Europe, at that spot are regulations for food-based arsenic exposure, together with peradventure that is something nosotros hither inwards the US take away to consider," Argos said. "We regulate levels of arsenic inwards water, only if rice flour consumption increases the adventure for exposure to arsenic, it would brand feel to regulate the metallic inwards foods every bit well."

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