Research Connects Overeating During National Sporting Events To Medical Problems

People who overeat during national holidays together with national sporting events - similar this weekend's Super Bowl - are 10 times to a greater extent than probable to request emergency medical attending for nutrient obstacle than whatever at other fourth dimension of the year, according to a novel study  published inwards the Dec number of the magazine Gastroenterology Report.

Dr. Asim Shuja, a gastroenterologist at UF Health Jacksonville, led the query team. The written report used information collected over an 11-year catamenia from the emergency room at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center inwards Boston.

"Though the sample size was small, it's clear that a blueprint emerged showing a higher per centum of people seeking handling during or only subsequently the vacation or event," Shuja said, "and a much greater per centum during those times needed aid because nutrient was impacted inwards their esophagus. It's a really serious work that people request to survive aware of."

Most of the problems affected men, together with nearly of the cases came during or only subsequently the Thanksgiving holiday. But Shuja together with the other researchers rank other holidays, such equally New Year's Day or events such equally the Super Bowl, likewise were associated amongst a higher incidence of cases.

Serving size together with how chop-chop people ate were listed equally possible gamble factors, equally was alcohol consumption.

Over the written report period, from 2001 to 2012, 38 people underwent an emergency physical care for on the esophagus during or only subsequently the vacation or sporting consequence fourth dimension catamenia (within 3 days of the event). Nearly 37 percent of those were due to a nutrient impaction. Comparatively, of the 81 who had the same physical care for 2 weeks earlier together with 2 weeks subsequently the consequence during the "control period," only nether four percent were due to nutrient impaction. During holidays together with national sporting events, the nearly mutual impacted nutrient was turkey (50 percent), followed past times chicken (29 percent) together with beef (21 percent).

"We mean value the principal message hither is for people to survive aware together with non to, for lack of a amend term, overindulge," Shuja said. "Not alone the amount of nutrient you're eating during the vacation or event, but the size of the component you're eating tin accept a tremendous impact."

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