Elderberry Versus Tamiflu?

Go squad Sweet’s Syrup!!

You tin likely gauge my answer beingness an Integrative Physician.  I figure since pharmacists say “only two % “ of children bring a peril of psychosis every bit a side lawsuit I don’t desire my kids to hold upwardly 1 of those 2%.  As a friend posted on my page, Siri says at that topographic point are 73.9 meg children ages 0-17 inward the US.  2% of that is 1,478,000.  Um.  No thanks! In my blog, I explicate why I wouldn’t acquire a flu shot either but I digress.

So since I bring plenty of evidence every bit to why the flu shot is non effective, nosotros all know that whether y'all acquire the flu vaccine or not, y'all tin indeed acquire the flu, fifty-fifty if the same strain is establish inward the flu vaccine.  “They say” that it won’t hold upwardly every bit severe or y'all won’t bring complications if y'all acquire the flu vaccine but the information does non back upwardly that either.  So straightaway y'all bring a alternative to create Tamiflu or acquire au natural as well as endeavor some elderberry syrup. 

I personally acquire for elderberry syrup as well as intend it is reasonable for your average salubrious individual to acquire for the natural route.   Sweet’s Syrup is a local favorite but also having people arrive at out from other states for her especial concoction!  A lot of wellness minded mamas are making their ain every bit well. I am non 1 of those hence I purchase mine.  Not alone is elderberry syrup delicious but it has anti- viral effects as well as can process flu H5N1 as well as B viruses.  Since alone close 14-26% of flu- similar affliction is really flu , as well as hence it is overnice to know that elderberry helps amongst other upper respiratory viral infections too!    Elderberry syrup is appreciated around the globe for their anti flu properties. 

Risks for elderberry syrup?  Most elderberry syrup contains dear which should non hold upwardly given nether historic catamenia 1 for peril of botulism from the dear rather than the elderberry itself.  Also 1 should non swallow raw elderberries every bit y'all volition bring a major stomach ache.  While at that topographic point may hold upwardly a few side effects,  like allergic reactions as well as stomach aches, none are similar that amongst Tamiflu. 

Some people may create goodness if given Tamiflu really early but the overall studies are non really appealing.  Clearly this needs to hold upwardly a determination betwixt y'all as well as your doctor.  I am non prepared to write a thesis on this but bring establish Tamiflu may bring issues amongst psychosis. It is fifty-fifty contraindicated inward Japan for that argue as well as inward similar studies establish it causes respiratory issues.  There are read weblog here.  Basically, Sweet’s Syrup is of import here.  What to create if it hits y'all or your identify unit of measurement members? Read here.  Again, Sweet’s syrup addition some homeopathy as well as vitamins. Can y'all encounter the designing here? ;-)  Just similar the flu vaccine doesn’t oftentimes work, see the studies here, homeopathy doesn’t ever operate but is completely prophylactic as well as may work.  Regardless of choosing Tamiflu or elderberry syrup, it is of import to recognize unsafe signs of deterioration or respiratory distress as well as try medical tending when appropriate.  

Eventually I really believe the medicine volition come upwardly around as well as realize that our bodies are divinely made amongst crazy cool mechanisms to heal.  We involve to acquire to back upwardly our immune systems rather than suppress it automatically. There is a fourth dimension as well as identify for modern medicine  Now to discovery a remainder which volition require the fine art of medicine inward combination amongst evidence. 
as well as I am grateful for it.

Ok every bit a disclaimer, y'all tin encounter that I am partial to Sweet's Syrup because I know she uses the best ingredients as well as that is what I sell inward my office!  It is all organic as well as made amongst love. However lots of mamas are making it homemade as well as I know another awesome doc's who brand some cool concoctions. There are really practiced variations out hence at that topographic point only acquire y'all some!

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