Oh No! The Dreaded Flu!

If y'all larn the flu, odds are y'all volition survive.  About 1000-3000 croak annually out of over 300 1 chiliad m patients hence y'all volition probable live fine.  If y'all convey delicate wellness or getting worse instead of better, as well as hence y'all should attempt care.  Otherwise remain habitation as well as produce roughly self care.  Here are the tips I would produce  (and convey done the 1 fourth dimension nosotros had it) for my family.

First of all, at that spot is no ask for Tamiflu.  Studies demo it may shorten the influenza yesteryear 3/4 of a day.  It isn't worth the run a peril of psychiatric side effects for such footling benefit.  Several studies demo no produce goodness at all.  So hither are several things y'all tin do.  I recommend to larn these items earlier influenza flavor precisely inwards illustration hence y'all don't convey to operate out sick as well as part it amongst everyone.  See my influenza prevention weblog to endeavour to ward it off.

Elderberry syrup is a peachy anti viral.  Email sweetsyrup@gmail.com or telephone band 704-98902156 for roughly organic, locally made elderberry syrup yesteryear 1 of our best, Stephanie Rickenbaker.  They convey roughly lower glycemic versions for diabetics as well as prophylactic versions for infants equally well.  Take that oft through the solar daytime starting at the onset.  It is nutrient hence I can't imagine overdosing on this.

Homeopathic aconitum, oscillococcinum/ Influenzinum (buy both aconitum as well as 1 of the other two).  At onrush of fever as well as trunk aches, firstly 1 or both of these taking 3 pellets every fifteen minutes for 2 hours as well as and hence equally needed.  Safe for babies even.

Take a vitamin burst-.  Vitamin Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 -adults -15,000-25,000 IU iii times a solar daytime for 2 days, kids nether twelve twice a solar daytime for upward to 2 perchance iii days max, Infants tin convey upward to 2 doses daily for max 2 days.  Vitamin D adults 100,000 IU daily (get the liquid higher dose kind) for upward to v days, kids nether 12 upward to 10,000 IU daily for v days unless y'all convey a parathyroid occupation or super high calcium issue. Then vitamin C -adults 1000 mg 4-5 times per day,  kids nether 12- 1000 mg 3-4 times per day, kids 1-5 500 mg 3-4 times per day, infants- buffered vitamin C pinch inwards each cheek every 1-2 hours.  Stop the vitamin C if at that spot is tummy cramping or diarrhea equally that is the sign of having to a greater extent than than enough.

Then expect at my mutual frigidity handout on managing the other symptoms but inwards general, produce hot epsom tabular array salt baths amongst apple tree cider vinegar baths, precisely saline, as well as the moisture sock trick.

May y'all convey a quick recovery. Legal disclaimer : If y'all prepare shortness of breath or whatever scary imperial rashes or mental condition changes, larn help ASAP!.

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