Shingles. Yikes! Who Needs Valtrex?

Shingles is the terrifying illness of the older folks due to pain.  It is the verbalise of whatsoever grouping of elderly folks at the local Hardees.  They produce accept a shingles shot but since I accept had 2 patients hospitalized due to complications of the vaccine too several to a greater extent than amongst shingles afterwards the vaccine, I accept shied away from that too only stuck amongst astute handling amongst Valtrex and/or steroids.  Anything to preclude that painful syndrome called Postherpetic neuralgia right?  I accept had patients endure for years from hurting inward spite of that handling though.  Wasn't at that topographic point anything better? Just FYI, non everyone gets hurting amongst the shingles.  Sometimes it only itches.

While nether a lot of stress a twelvemonth ago, I was at operate too felt a weird describe per unit of measurement area at the crown of my caput similar I had my pony tail equally good tight but I didn't accept a pony tail.  Next affair I know I accept a burning, icy cold, searing hurting moving downwards the correct side of the transcend of my head.  I had shingles!!  The painful kind!  I was exclusively 41 for pete's sake.  It was noon at operate too no access to medicines.  I called my handy peachy naturopath Dr Swanz who recommended a vitamin regimen.  

I decided much to the dismay of my friends too colleagues to become natural.  So I picked upward my remedies at v too got them going.  I felt it diminish but my doc friends actually were worried because that detail place puts you lot at lead chances for infection of the cornea.  Due to the pressure, I agreed to Valtrex too picked upward a piece of cake nighttime prescription too took i dose that nighttime too i the side past times side morning time at which fourth dimension my symptoms were 90% gone.  I went to the ophthalmologist who said my cornea was OK.  I discontinued the Valtrex too finished upward my vitamins amongst consummate resolution of symptoms that day.  

I was a petty disappointed I caved because I actually wanted to experiment on myself too produce it totally natural.  I had my chance when nosotros went on a identify unit of measurement opor-garai during jump interruption on a cruise.  I got a sunburn inward the purpose of my pilus which reactivated my shingles on my scalp.  Lucky me had all the remedies.  Within 3 hours of that stinging, icy cold, burning pain, my symptoms completely resolved.  I took them to a greater extent than or less other 3 days to endure certain it was gone but yay!!  Thanks Dr. Swanz.  

Since then, I accept been offering this to patients inward add-on to the Valtrex ( I e'er offering both traditional too western medicine options).  Many accept opted to produce the natural handling exclusively too they had real quick resolution similar me, fifty-fifty inward the older patients.  Thrilled to accept to a greater extent than or less other choice since I haven't e'er had luck amongst Valtrex.  Sometimes, zero helped inward the past.  This year, no failures yet!

I may accept tweaked it a petty from what Dr. Swanz recommended but this is my regimen I used.

Vitamin C yard mg 4-5 times per day
Vitamin D 20,000-100,000 IU daily for virtually a calendar week -for adults I utilisation the 100,000 IU
Vitamin Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 5000 IU iv times per hateful solar daytime for 2-3 days
L Lysine 1-2 capsules 4-5 times per day.  

As amongst anything, I produce non supersede your doctor.  Just know at that topographic point is a lead chances that if you lot accept shingles on the tip of your nose, forehead, or transcend of head, that you lot tin flaming accept infection inward the cornea of your oculus too you lot ask to encounter an oculus doctor.

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