Why This Dr. Doesn't Become Her Influenza Shot!

Why Smart Doctors Don’t Get Flu Shots

Smart doctors don’t acquire flu shots.

Smart patients don’t either.

Does that hateful you’re non smart if you lot got a flu shot?


It agency the pharmaceutical manufacture has you lot in addition to your wallet correct where they desire you.

It agency you lot believed the hype instead of looking at the science.

Smart doctors don’t acquire flu shots. But I’m a doc in addition to non only did I acquire them, I insisted my mom in addition to my siblings acquire their flu shot too.

Once you lot hear my story, you lot volition watch that I can’t justice anyone who gets a flu vaccine.

But I create justice an manufacture that tries to terrify in addition to deceive people into getting a flu vaccine they create non desire or need.

I made my mom in addition to siblings acquire the flu vaccine too

Growing up, I never had a flu shot in addition to I also never had the flu. But every bit a immature adult thinking well-nigh starting a family, I listened to my doctor. I was told getting a flu shot was non only expert for me in addition to my family, it was essential. Life-saving.

And non getting a flu shot?

Only irresponsible, unintelligent patients in addition to crackpot parents refused the flu vaccine.

How could at that spot live a employment alongside the flu vaccine?

Everyone was getting one. You could acquire them at the supermarket. Besides, my doc couldn’t live wrong.

Since my hubby in addition to I were starting a family, I made my mom in addition to siblings acquire the flu shot too. I didn’t desire my theater unit of measurement spending fourth dimension around my children if they were non fully vaccinated. That was exactly expert mutual sense. 

We had 3 children inwards v years in addition to I insisted every twelvemonth that theater unit of measurement members acquire the flu shot. Every year. 

Guess what happened?

Sick from the shot

My mom, who had non had the flu since childhood, my brother, in addition to my sis all got high fevers, torso aches, in addition to upper respiratory infections, all within 24 hours of the flu vaccine. All lasting a calendar week or two. For 3 years inwards a row.

I am a conventionally trained medical doctor. I saw my theater unit of measurement acquire sick within a calendar week of the flu vaccine. Three years straight. But I dismissed it.

An unfortunate coincidence.

Nothing to create alongside the flu vaccine.

You can’t acquire sick from a vaccine.

That’s what I had been taught. And that’s what I believed.

Besides, I was fine afterward my showtime flu vaccine. Initially. True, I started getting almost constant colds that lasted iv or v months next the flu vaccine. Before, when I didn’t acquire the vaccine, I was ordinarily good for you lot in addition to cold-free inwards the winter. 

It took me awhile to connect the dots.

It took me awhile earlier I stopped ignoring the clinical evidence inwards front end of me, inwards my ain body, in addition to inwards my mom in addition to siblings.

It’s difficult for doctors to realize our educational activity is incomplete.

It’s difficult to travel aware that the whole medical institution is caught upwards inwards a belief scheme that is merely untrue.

It’s difficult to acknowledge that nosotros are wrong.

It took me 3 years but I figured it out. Every twelvemonth the flu vaccine was making me in addition to my theater unit of measurement sick.

My colleagues maintain telling their patients you lot can’t acquire sick from the flu shot. And they tell it “would receive got been thence much worse without the shot.” Can you lot hear the BS meter going off? I couldn’t dorsum in addition to thence but I tin now. The audio is deafening.

Look at the science. We immediately know, from both beast in addition to epidemiology studies inwards humans, that the flu vaccine tin in addition to does brand you lot sick.

Mandatory flu vaccines for doctors in addition to nurses

I used to piece of work for a grouping practice. Our practise decided to mandate the flu vaccine.

They did non mandate that nosotros consume vegetables alongside every meal, acquire optimal amounts of sleep, receive got our vitamin D levels checked in addition to supplement alongside sunbathing or supplements if they were below optimal levels, or adopt other wellness strategies proven to back upwards the immune system.

Why mandate the flu vaccine?

That dictate started wheels turning. 

How of import is it genuinely to acquire the flu shot?

What are the existent risks in addition to benefits? 

In medical schoolhouse nosotros did non expect critically at vaccines. We did non study the adventure of adverse events, utter over vaccine ingredients, or utter inwards whatsoever item well-nigh efficacy rates.

We were non told that the government compensates families alongside loved ones who receive got died from a vaccination or suffered other extreme wellness problems.

Instead, nosotros were taught what amounts to lilliputian to a greater extent than than propaganda well-nigh vaccines.

An infectious illness specialist spends an hr or 2 alongside students showing us pictures of pitiable children suffering astute side effects from infectious diseases. She says angrily, “C’mon. We tin create ameliorate than that. No kid should always receive got to endure similar this!”

You are supposed to receive got it without query and, of course, you lot do. No 1 wants a kid to die. We travel doctors inwards guild to heal people, in addition to maintain them alive. So of course of study nosotros don’t query the Holy Grail. Which agency never looking critically at the necessity, efficacy, in addition to security of any given vaccine.

The flu vaccine industrial plant in addition to saves thousands of lives every year. End of conversation.

Government-advertised decease rates from the flu are grossly inflated

We are told that betwixt 30,000-50,000 expire annually of the flu, a unsafe in addition to sometimes lethal illness that affects infants in addition to the elderly the most. “…in the U.S. alone, over 36,000 people expire in addition to 200,000 are hospitalized each twelvemonth because of the flu,” according to Harvard University

Flu decease statistics are ordinarily tallied from the Morbidity in addition to Mortality Weekly Report database. But deaths from the flu in addition to from pneumonia are lumped together inwards 1 category inwards the MMWR. This greatly inflates the number of “flu” deaths. And is a nonsensical way to capture statistics, every bit the bulk of pneumonia cases receive got zilch to create alongside the flu!

Yep. It is true. The decease rates from the flu that nosotros are told twelvemonth afterward year, repeated advertizing nauseam inwards medical preparation in addition to inwards the media, are, every bit Bob Sears, M.D., puts it, “grossly inflated” (The Vaccine Book, p.121), in addition to what this province doc would tell to a greater extent than plainly, are merely made up. 

The scientific evidence does non back upwards having a yearly flu vaccine

I contacted the chair of the commission that was recommending flu vaccine mandates at my piece of work in addition to asked him to percentage the scientific evidence that mandating flu vaccines for wellness attention workers genuinely reduces decease rates from the flu.

He could non offering me a unmarried article to read. I don’t know, he told me, adding that all the major wellness organizations recommend the flu vaccine and, “I trust them.”

Then he rattled off several major medical organizations recommending the flu vaccine, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, in addition to the American Heart Association

So what does this bulldog do? I write them all, asking for a listing of scientific studies supporting flu vaccine mandates in addition to requesting the information that proves that mandating the vaccine for doctors in addition to nurses contributes to ameliorate outcomes. 

Some ignored me but some responded. They all said the same thing: That they didn’t receive got the information I’d requested! One prominent scheme recommended I contact the Centers for Disease Control in addition to Prevention (CDC) in addition to the National Institutes for Health (NIH), every bit they based their recommendations off the CDC’s in addition to the NIH’s. 

So none of the leading wellness organizations shaping world wellness policy has scientific information to back upwards the policy to mandate the flu vaccine?  

How tin this be? 

I had 3 immature children in addition to worked total time. But I wanted to read the scientific discipline for myself to abide by out if what I was noticing clinically—with my ain health, my family’s, every bit good every bit alongside my patients’—was valid. As helpful in addition to of import every bit vaccines may be, the flu vaccine recommendation left me alongside to a greater extent than questions than answers. Since none of the organizations insisting on the necessity of the flu vaccine could furnish me alongside direct information, I went searching for it myself.

I volition pose it to you lot that whatsoever conventionally trained medical doc who is willing to impartially enquiry the scientific discipline behind the flu vaccine safety, efficacy, in addition to necessity is inwards for a surprise.

The best house to start a search for accurate medical information is ordinarily the Cochrane database.

Cochrane is a non-profit enquiry scheme based inwards the Great Britain in addition to they tend to live considered the golden measure inwards scientific medical research. Their reviews of the medical literature are comprehensive in addition to carefully peer-reviewed.

As my colleague, Mark Hyman, M.D., explains inwards an article, no longer recommended.

Why? Because it doesn’t piece of work at all.

In the words of the CDC, “no protective create goodness could live measured.”


The CDC tells me personally that the flu vaccine doesn’t work

Dr. Mark Hyman practices functional medicine. Like integrative medicine, functional medicine seeks to individualize medical treatment, position in addition to process the root causes of illness in addition to disease, in addition to aid the torso heal itself through lifestyle in addition to nutritional intervention, non exactly pharmaceutical products.

At a functional medicine conference, I happened to live seated at tiffin beside a lovely CDC senior medical official. She was at that spot to larn to a greater extent than well-nigh functional medicine.

She was super overnice and, of course, I couldn’t aid but live excited that I was sitting side past times side to gold. Or thence I thought.

Our conversation went similar this:

Dr. Benton: So, what create you lot retrieve well-nigh the flu vaccine?

Dr. CDC: It’s a expert thing. A wonderful intervention. Everyone needs one. Absolutely.

Dr. Benton: Have you lot looked into the recent science?

Dr. CDC: Of course. So expert to watch our ideas confirmed—it’s a safe, efficacious vaccination that seems to displace few, if any, side effects.

Dr. Benton: So you’ve read these studies yourself?

Dr. CDC: [Hesitating. Silent. Long pause.] Well, actually, I haven’t…

So I jumped in. I told her all well-nigh the Cochrane review.

Her. Jaw. Dropped. 


She, a senior CDC medical official, did non receive got a clue. 

In all fairness, exactly because you lot piece of work at the CDC, should you lot genuinely know all the most lately published studies well-nigh all vaccines? 

I don’t retrieve so. And to her credit, she was interested in addition to engaged in addition to listened alongside an opened upwards mind.

She told me I needed to utter straight to the flu partition of the CDC. 

So this modest town province doc made an appointment alongside the medical managing director of the flu partition of the CDC.  

With sweaty palms in addition to racing heart, I made the telephone phone telephone at the appointed time. 

I introduced myself in addition to proceeded to travel over the information well-nigh the flu vaccine, including that per the national vital statistics on the CDC website, that at that spot are only well-nigh 1,000 deaths out of over 300 1000000 people from the flu. 

After each factoid I mentioned, the CDC managing director exactly said, “Yep.” 

Befuddled, I got to the halt of my listing of concerns, wiped my palms on my skirt, in addition to asked, “Rebuttal?” 

She said she didn’t receive got one! 

In fact, she said, there volition never live a expert flu vaccine because at that spot are over 200 unlike viruses that displace flu in addition to influenza-like symptoms in addition to vaccine manufacturers receive got to approximate a twelvemonth inwards advance for the strain of flu that might live inwards circulation that coming year.

Like meteorologists predicting the weather, sometimes vaccine scientists are pretty accurate, sometimes they are dead wrong.

So I asked her why our regime is pushing flu mandates across the country.

She denied that the CDC was recommending mandates, in addition to admitted at that spot is merely non plenty scientific discipline to justify mandating the flu vaccine. All of these hospital, school, in addition to fellowship policies, she insisted, were exterior of the purview of the CDC. 

I reminded her the CDC shapes world policy past times recommending vaccines in addition to that medical professionals were being fired across the country for refusing the flu vaccine. 

She said she disagreed alongside that practice.

And at that spot you lot receive got it.
The smart doctors who piece of work within the CDC know the flu shot isn’t working. And they in all likelihood don’t acquire flu shots either.

Big pharma pushes for flu mandates, smart doctors force back

Why this ridiculous force for a vaccine that doesn’t work, that prompted to a greater extent than government pay-outs because of adverse events, including death, than whatsoever other vaccine in 2017 thence far, in addition to that also contains ingredients analyzed past times CDC scientists in addition to found, inwards a recent peer-reviewed paper, to live highly neurotoxic?

Could it live the bonuses that insurance companies pay to medical groups for flu vaccine compliance amidst their staff in addition to their patients? 

Could it live the hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to politicians past times the powerful pharmaceutical lobby?

In an 8-year menstruum donations past times pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines given to the American Academy of Pediatricians exceeded 9.4 1000000 dollars (The Business of Baby, p. 223).

Smart doctors tell their patients the truth.

Smart doctors orbit their patients all the information they demand to brand an informed conclusion well-nigh what is inwards the best interests of their health.

Smart doctors tell their patients the risks of the vaccine, the benefits of the vaccine, in addition to the alternatives to vaccination.

The best alternative, inwards this doctor’s assessment, is non to acquire a flu vaccine.

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