Analysis Examines Migraine's Link To Higher Stroke Jeopardy

Migraine alongside aura was associated alongside an increased risk of ischemic stroke inward the Atherosclerosis Risk inward Communities study, simply a recent post-hoc analysis published inward Headache reveals unexpected results suggesting that attack of such migraines earlier historic catamenia l years is non associated alongside such risk. Later attack of migraine alongside aura was linked alongside a higher risk, however.

The analysis included 447 migraineurs alongside aura (MA) together with 1,128 migraineurs without aura (MO) amidst 11,592 participants (elderly men together with women alongside a history of migraine). Over xx years, at that spot was a twofold increased risk of ischemic stroke when the historic catamenia of MA attack was l years or older when compared alongside no headache. MA attack earlier l years erstwhile was non associated alongside stroke. Also, MO was non associated alongside increased stroke risk regardless of historic catamenia of onset.

In the elderly population inward this study, the absolute risk for stroke inward MA was 37/447 (8.27 percent) together with inward MO was 48/1,128 (4.25 percent).

"I recollect clinically this is real meaningful, every bit many individuals alongside a long history of migraine are concerned almost their stroke risk, particularly when they become older together with when they convey other cardiovascular affliction risks," said atomic number 82 writer doc X. Michelle Androulakis, Chief of Neurology at WJB Dorn VA Medical Center, inward South Carolina. "Cumulative effects of migraine alone--with attack of migraine earlier historic catamenia of 50--did non increment stroke risk inward piece of cake life inward this report cohort. On the contrary, the recent attack of migraine at or later historic catamenia l is associated alongside increased stroke risk inward piece of cake life."

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