Negative Social Media Behaviors May Move Associated Alongside Low Inwards Millennials

Certain social media factors were linked amongst major depressive disorder (MDD) inward a Journal of Applied Biobehavioural Research study of Millennials.

In the study of 504 Millennials who actively role Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Snapchat, individuals who met the criteria for MDD scored higher on the Social Media Addiction scale, were to a greater extent than probable to compare themselves to others ameliorate off than they were, in addition to indicated that they would endure to a greater extent than bothered past times beingness tagged inward unflattering pictures. Regarding social interactions, those amongst MDD were less probable to ship service pictures of themselves along amongst other people in addition to reported fewer followers.

"While this study highlights social media behaviors that are associated amongst major depression, it is of import to recognize that social media role tin offering many positive benefits, including fostering social support," said co-author Dr. Krista Howard, of Texas State University. "The substitution is for individuals to railroad train an awareness of how they currently role social media in addition to to decide what changes could endure made inward their social media role to trim back the behaviors associated amongst psychological distress. Some changes could include reducing the fourth dimension spent on social media, unfollowing individuals or groups that drive distress, or limiting online social comparisons."

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